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Brand: Limon
Limon Freezer Box 4 Compartments Airtight For Dry Fruit - 250g - 2 PcsDescription:Limon Food Storage BPA free 4 compartments Freezer box. Food stays fresh for long in this food Freezer box. The lid has an airtight seal that keeps foods fresh. maximizes its storage capacity. It is microwave oven safe..
Rs. 1,249
Brand: ShopVille
Snack Jar Food Containers - 3 Pieces SetDescription:Snack Jar is a 3 piece set of Jars. Size of small, medium and Large sizes are 1000ml, 2000ml and 3000ml respectively.Jars are reusable with push on lids.Air tight Jars keeps the food fresh without any transfer of odors.The jars are perfect for gift..
Rs. 999
Brand: Sonex
Sonex Marble Coated Double Sided Grill Fry Pan - 36 cmKey Features:Double sided grill fry pan 36 cmAluminium die cast cookware with inside marble coatingChemical free natural coatingFree from side effectsEco FriendlyDescription:Impress your friends and family with perfectly grilled meat dishes and m..
Rs. 3,199
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